Our teeth, small but mighty, are a lot more important to our health than we may realize. Without teeth, you wouldn’t be able to eat popcorn at the movies, a big juicy steak off the grill or sweet strawberries right of the vine. You need healthy teeth (and gums) to eat nutritious food, and we need nutritious food to keep our teeth and bodies healthy. Tooth development and health is influenced and affected by the foods you eat as a child. As an adult, the foods you eat help to maintain the foundation you built as a child. The conditions of your teeth and gums can often be the first indication of a larger systemic issue going on in your body. The mucosal cells, which is the tissue inside your mouth that covers most of the oral cavity apart from the teeth, completely regenerate every seven days. This means that any nutrient deficiencies or excesses will show up in your mouth tissue before they have the opportunity to travel and be noticeable in other areas of your body.

Okay-so, when you are standing in the grocery store list in hand, what foods are you picking up to get your healthiest teeth and mouth yet?

We’ve made you a chart to help sort it all out!

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