Full and Partial Dentures

A prosthesis that can be taken in and out by the patient (removable) and replaces some or all of a patients teeth, is often referred to as a denture. However, a denture can be used to describe a prosthesis that is either removable or fixed. A removable denture is a more cost-effective way to replace teeth while a fixed denture is a more stable way to replace teeth. Dentures are called full dentures when they replace all missing teeth on the top and/or lower jaws, and partial dentures when they replace some of the teeth on the top and/or lower jaws. Full dentures are supported by the gums and/or dental implants while partial dentures can be supported by teeth, gums and/or dental implants.

Dr. Morris provides many options to help restore and replace teeth to better suit the specific, unique needs of each and every one of his patients.To ensure he stays ahead of the curve he is continually attending continuing education courses that allow him to develop and hone his ability to provide his patients with the best denture option for their specific needs.

To find the best fit for you, we will find out what is important to you, the patient and find the solution that best fits your needs and desires.

Removable Complete Dentures
Removable Partial Dentures
Locator Retained Overdenture