Teeth Whitening

In-Office Whitening

For the most complete and fastest whitening results our in-office whitening is the option for you. You will see noticeably whiter teeth immediately.

  • Custom made whitening trays
  • Two-week supply of at home whitening gel with desensitization treatment
  • In-office whitening agent applied by a trained team member
  • Shade comparisons at each visit
  • Automatic participation in our White for Life program: one (1) tube of whitening agent at each six (6) month re-care appointment

Whitening Trays

  • Custom made whitening trays for home use
  • Four (4) tubes of whitening gel with desensitization treatment

Whitening Strips

Unlike strips you can purchase over the counter, ours are more concentrated than over the counter white strips and include more strips (6 week supply) so you can whiten quicker and more effectively, for longer lasting results.