Initial Visit and Comprehensive Examination

Your first visit, with us, at our office is very important in establishing your oral health baseline. We will perform a comprehensive (complete) oral examination which includes an oral cancer screening, periodontal evaluation, an analysis of your occlusion (bite) and a thorough examination of your teeth, their supporting structures and of the oral anatomy.

At Merrimack Smiles we are very progressive and thorough in our approach to diagnosing, treating and preventing dental problems. We use the latest technology to minimize radiation exposure when taking radiographs (x-rays) and we have an intra-oral camera that can take high-resolution pictures of your teeth and tissue.

Education is very important to the team of Merrimack Smiles. All members of the team are “life-long-learners” and take many continuing education courses to continue to stay current and improve ourselves as a group. We also like to educate our patients and provide detailed verbal and visual information so the patient better understands the processes that are occurring in their mouth. By educating our patients, we are able to give them the opportunity to make educated decisions about any treatment that may be required and to ultimately help prevent problems from occurring in the future

We treat our patients how we would like to be treated, by providing detailed, complete, educational information in a warm, friendly, inviting and professional environment.