Most people Understand the importance of Brushing their teeth for a healthy mouth. It is often forgotten that without flossing you have only cleaned 3/5 of your tooth surfaces leaving disease causing bacteria hanging out in your mouth to cause all kinds of trouble. If you need a bit more convincing to pick up some floss here are my top three: 

1. People who floss have lover microbial diversity in their mouths than non-flossers, which means less of the bad bacteria that cause decay. Flossers who also reported regular visits to the dentist are found to have less of the periodontal disease-causing bacterial oral pathogens.

2. Flossing helps to prevent bad breath. Leaving food debris and  plaque buildup in your mouth contributes to bad breath. Why? Because bacteria feeds on food, breaking it down to create the bad odor called halitosis. 

3. Flossing can reduce tooth sensitivity and bleeding caused from plaque and calculus build-up around your gum tissue.

 Flossing is a low cost and time investment in your health. it takes only a few minutes prior to brushing. I have found that some of my patients enjoy using floss picks, small pre-threaded tools you can use with one hand and find it easier than wrapping traditional floss thread around their fingers. Floss picks are made in sizes suitable for both children and adults mouths and can be a good way to introduce your younger family members to flossing. If you only have time to floss once each day, than adding it into your nightly routine is best. I promise it will make a visible impact to your overall health, that you (and I) will notice.

Dr. Mark S. Morris D.D.S.

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