It can happen to anyone. Even the super organized, meticulous planner, list making expert traveler. You arrive at your destination to find-NO TOOTHBRUSH! Well, now what?

Most hotels have complimentary toiletry items for just this type of  situation. If your lodging does not offer this option and you have arrived after all the shops have closed up for the day, you are not destined for  fuzzy teeth and bad breath-There are some easy short-term substitutes  you have available literally, at your fingertips.


Brush your tongue with your teeth.
Using your teeth, gently scrape along your tongue to clean off any  bacteria that could cause tooth decay and contribute to bad breath.
After scraping, rinse thoroughly with water-swishing back and forth  vigorously to make sure that any bacteria scrapped off is washed  away. Spit this water out. Don’t swallow it!   


Use your finger.
First, make sure your hands are clean and that you have fully rinsed off any soap (because, yuck!). If you have a washcloth near by you can wrap it around your finger for extra scrubbing power. If you have toothpaste use it, if you forgot that too then brushing with water will be just fine for one night.

Rub your finger across your teeth and gums along the front of your teeth. Rinse your finger, add more toothpaste if you have it, and repeat on the back and top sides.

Repeat the rinse and swish as described above. Don’t swallow this water either. You don’t want to put the bacteria you just brushed off your teeth into your gut, where it has the potential to cause stomach distress, by swallowing it. 

What about flossing?
There really isn’t a suitable substitute for floss. The best alternative we recommend in a pinch is a toothpick.If you don’t have a toothpick,not to worry, if you can get some floss the next morning or worst  case when you return home,the risks to harming your gums and teethby using a paper clip, or string outweigh the risks of not flossing for a short period of time.

Find Supplies ASAP.
These tips will certainly help you out when you are in a bind, but are not equal in effectiveness as your regular toothpaste, brush, and  floss. It is important to head to the nearest store the next morning tostock up on the necessary items you are missing.

Dr. Morris’ Secret to never forgetting his toothbrush:
“I keep an extra set of dental supplies in my travel toiletry bag. That makes it easy for me to not forget important items that I may otherwise overlook if i’m in a hurry when packing”. 

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